Prices & Timetable

Promo week from 18th -24th September

adult round-trip ticket
20€/150,69kn 27€/203,43kn
adult one-way ticket
11€/82,88kn 15€/113,02kn
children round-trip ticket (4 - 12 years)
7€ / 52,74kn
children one-way ticket (4 - 12 years)
4€ / 30,14kn
children up to 4 years of age

Cable car tickets can be purchased at cash register at lower cable car station (cash, credit cards) and at the lower cable car station at ticketing machine (credit cards only)

Payments can be made in euros and by credit cards:


Operating hours vary depending on the month of the year. The cable car runs as soon as there is enough passengers. The last departure from the lower stations is thirty minutes before closing time.

January 09 h to 16 h
February Closed
March 09 h to 17 h
April 09 h to 21 h
May 09 h to 23 h
June 09 h to 24 h
July 09 h to 24 h
August 09 h to 24 h
September 09 h to 23 h
October 09 h to 20 h
November 09 h to 17 h
December 09 h to 16 h

If the speed of the wind exceeds the safety threshold on any part of the cable car route, the cable car will stop until the wind speed reduces.
In the case of possible lightning, the cable car will temporarily cease operations