Smart Bench Steora

The smart bench of the new generation

Steora is the world's best street bench, powered by green solar energy. It provides phone charging, but also beautifies the street and such sites as the Dubrovnik cable car upper base.

Steora is a smart solution and a product of the new generation, invented and produced in Croatia. It is a smart bench where you can charge your mobile devices. It is ideal for all popular locations where people might need a smart solution - cities, parks, airports – and now you can find two at the top of the Dubrovnik cable car.

Smart Bench Steora on srd hill

Steora allows you to stay connected

Smart Bench Steora near upper cable car station dubrovnik

It is equipped with two smart USB connectors, and an independent wireless charger. Internet access is constantly available within range of the Dubrovnik cable car. Solar power allows Steora to be easily mounted anywhere, and what is most important it needs no special infrastructure.

Steora never shuts down and is available all hours of the day and night, no matter what the weather conditions. Solar panels provide up to 110 W of electric energy per hour. The system makes efficient use of natural energy - and is there to use whenever you need it.

One more important feature: Steora is safe from vandalism. How is that possible? This smart bench is bolted down and locked to prevent any unauthorized opening. Also, the system is monitored so you will be notified of any unusual circumstances.

Pleasant & functional

The cooling system ensures that the temperature remains pleasant. During summer fans keep the surface and the bench from overheating. Also, ambient light enables users to utilise its functions no matter how dark it gets.

What are the impressions of users?

The word on social media is that Steora is an invention of genius, and users are enthusiastic that it is a perfect solution for cities life.

Steora is smart, of high quality and a beautiful street bench – it’s the next step towards a smart city!

Smart Bench Steora dubrovnik