Museum Dubrovnik in Homeland War

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After the aggression of Serbia and Montenegro on the Dubrovnik area and the Republic of Croatia in 1991, and the ending of the Homeland War, the Museum of Contemporary History, with the support of the city of Dubrovnik, associated with Dubrovnik defenders and with associations that stemmed from the Homeland War considerably enriched its collections with material from the Homeland War, while the systematic study and presentation of this material gave rise to sixteen thematic exhibitions.

The museum material is kept in the Collection of Documents, the Collection of Materials for Memoirs, the Collection of Three Dimensional Objects and the Collection of Photographs and Negatives.

In Fort Imperial on Srđ hill, the exhibition Dubrovnik in the Homeland War 1991-1995 is on display. During the Homeland war, the fort was the first line of defence of Dubrovnik and housed the Command HQ of the 163rd Dubrovnik Brigade of the Croatian Army, becoming a symbol for the heroic defence of the city.

Original documents, art and documentary photographs from the Homeland War, armaments, mines and explosives, items of materiel, wartime flags of the units, authentic photographs and video material are on display.

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