Nine Top Things You Must Do! in Dubrovnik

Nine Top Things You Must Do! in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik packs in a lot of to-dos. Start by tackling its history; patrol the elevated stone walkway, from there you’ll take in the gorgeous city views by the sea.

 1. Go back in time – walk the circular 2k tour of the ancient city walls which are 22 metres high in places and look down on the crowds. Late afternoon, away from the heat of the day, is best.

2. Take to the skies and try the exhilarating cable car ride to the top of the hill above Dubrovnik for a stunning birds’ eye view of the old city3. Feast on seafood in the harbourside restaurants on the edge of the city wall.

4. Don your life jacket (supplied by hire companies, together with a packed lunch) and go for a kayaking adventure to a nearby island, starting from the city beach.

5. Discover the secret of Croatia wine.

6. Cool down with a bargain ice-cream

7. Relax and slip inside the Franciscan Monastery where you’ll find some shade in the stunning, and hidden courtyard garden.

8. Find out about the real history of the city on a guided walking tour.

10. Need some good luck? It’s yours if you touch the heads of the figures on the ancient Onofrio’s Fountain. Oh, and the water there is still good enough to refresh your water bottle.