Interesting history

Interesting history

To return to the cable car, back in 1969 it was the first and only cable car in the Adriatic.

There have been a few changes, of course: back then there was obviously no WiFi, and being much slower and having a limited capacity of only 15 people it was surely something to remember because it was offering a unique view of the 2 kilometers of ancient walls that surround the City.

Just as then you may enjoy this beautiful sight today. 

The top Cable Car Station is situated on the Hill Srd. The view is certainly magnificent - but there is much more to it than that: in that small area a lot of history is concentrated.

Originally the entire area was called Dubrava. In the local dialect Dubrava means woods, and that is exactly what it used to be. Oak and Pine trees were forested on the 412 meters high mountain plane. The dense forest is the reason behind why Dubrovnik is called *Dubrava/Dubrovnik.