Dubrovnik architecture: Little secret about great monuments

Dubrovnik architecture: Little secret about great monuments

Any part of the Dalmatian coast is really fascinating, but Dubrovnik itself can be easily put as the trademark for fascination. Peaceful and small, a favorite destination with tons of hidden corners, amazingly long tradition, heritage and the natural perfume of the sea and sun which all together combine as an unique flavor in every traveler’s memories.

The city itself was established in the 7th century with its golden era in the time of Republic of Ragusa (or Republic of Dubrovnik) and now as a vivid place in modern age it’s a worth your admiration. Well known aristocrat society of the Republic of Ragusa brought a great number of renowned citizens of Dubrovnik: from painters, poets to comedians along with the renaissance gardens, summer residences, monuments which even today remain available for everyone to enjoy in. This is the list of some great monuments in Dubrovnik and little secrets about them you didn’t know:

Large Onoforio’s Fountain

Large Onofrio’s Fountain was decorated with rich sculptural works but was heavily damaged in the great earthquake of 1667 and its original monumentality has never been restored.

Small Onofrio’s Fountain

The Small Onofrio’s Fountain was designed by Onforio della Cava in 1446 after the construction of the public water supply, which he designed in 1438.

Orlando’s Column

The original Orlando’s Column was made of wood, but already in 1419 it was replaced by the stone column we see today.

Ivan Gundulic Square

Until the great earthquake of 1667, Ivan Gundulić Square was a part of Town with houses and densely populated small streets. Today it is the largest open space in the old town.