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3 Mistakes travellers make in Dubrovnik

3 Mistakes travellers make in Dubrovnik

1. I don’t need cash, I’ll pay everything with my credit card.
Yes, you can pay for you hotel or your car rental with a credit card, but many places in Dubrovnik are still cash-only, especially private accomodation.Croatian currency is Kuna.  You should always have some money with you, because many small restaurants and cafes still don’t accept credit cards!

2. I only need to visit the Old city since is the best part of Dubrovnik!
Wrong! Old City is wonderful but this region has much more to offer. Dubrovnik is not just what you see on the typical postcard. Find out about places like Konavle, Trsteno, Ston, Pelješac...Discover some secret placesso you can brag to your friends when you get home. Explore more, and don’t limit yourself to one area only.

3. I need to take a photo of EVERYTHING!

No, you don’t need to document everything. Constant photographing kill all the spontaneity and experience itself, not to mention it can get pretty annoying for the locals as well. No, you don’t need 1000 photos of sunsets and 600 food photos.Your trip to beautiful Dubrovnik shouldn’t be marked by the low-quality images that nobody back home wants scroll for 20 minutes.